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Welcome to the number one destination for love making advice, sex games for couples and sex help for men and women. Keep reading below to begin mastering the art of love making and learn new couples sex games to spice up life under the sheets. But first…

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Mastering The Art Of Love Making

Master The Art Of Love MakingSex may still be a tabu, even in western societies. That doesn’t seem to stop couples from trying to improve their love making skill, learn new tricks and find sex games to play in order to spice up their lives under the sheet. Why wouldn’t they? Sex is a very important aspect of our lives and sexual health is just as important as any…

Mastering the art of love making should be a common dream. I bet everyone would like to live in a world where more and more people would seem like they’ve slept with a hanger in their mouth last night. I just love that smile, that overwhelming sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Don’t you?

Is that something to feel shame for? To apologize to the neighbor maybe?

So, lesson number one. Let your self go free of superstitions and social conventions, at least while you’re in the bedroom with your other half. Your bedroom is your realm, a place to forget who you can’t be and start being who you can be. Who you really want to be… Realize your own and your partner’s fantasies. Just… do it.

Is There Such Thing As A Love Making Secret

Well, yes and no. I mean, there’s a lot you can do to spice things up, learn new sex games for couples, improve your overall love making skill and even come up with your very own, unique ideas. But every individual is different, unique in nature. Carries own fantasies and own superstitions.

Some people are way ahead their superstitions of course. They are ready to discuss and bring their fantasies to life. Others, well, not so much. Should you find yourself in the first situation, the job is half done. Just keep on learning and trying new things, following your instincts. Should you encounter the latter, the only thing you can do is challenge your partner’s instincts and hope that in time, he or she will come around.

A  Love Making Secret That Shouldn’t Be A Secret

Prolonging your foreplay. I wouldn’t call it a secret if it hadn’t been for so many people neglecting the importance of foreplay in their lovemaking. A prolonged foreplay is definitely one of the best ways to intensify orgasms and the overall sensation during sex. That’s because it gives you plenty of time to build up sexual anticipation. So, the next time you find yourself in the bedroom, take the time to explore and leave a trail of soft but passionate kisses on your partner’s body. Gaze into their eyes, work with your fingers along their skin and enjoy the thrill.

You should always keep in mind that trying new things with a bit of your own twist and creativity added will make your experiences even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Try a change of scenery to spice things up a little and no matter the place, provided you find a private spot, who knows what might end up happening? Let’s go over some sex games you can add to your portfolio now, shall we?

Try These Sex Games For Couples As A Start

Sex games are a great way for couples to intensify their sex lives. Not only are they fun and thrilling, but they incorporate everything we’ve talked about so far. Sex games offer diversity and variety, a change of scenery if you will. They’re also great bringing the love making secret of prolonged foreplay to life. Doesn’t matter which games you end up playing, if they consist of familiar moves or not, simply unleash your imagination and creativity and everything will feel new and exciting. Sex games offer a lot of replay value, especially if you apply your own twist every now and then.

1. Dices

Sex DicesDice related games are probably the most famous of sex games for couples. Dices come in various versions; some have words on their sides that form phrases challenging you to do a task such as “suck” + “nipple” or “lick” + “ears”. Others are simply challenging you to adopt a certain position depending on the outcome of your rolling of the dice, others are dedicated to oral sex games etc.

Playing with dices is simple enough; all you have to do is buy a pair or more of your liking and agree with your partner to actually DO what the dice says no matter how bizarre that is or how uncomfortable it makes you feel. You can buy dices and other sex games for couples ONLINE to ensure your purchase stays under the radar. They are extremely cheap so price shouldn’t be a problem at all.

2. The Unseen And The Unknown

Blindness Makes PerfectThis one works wonders for both men and women. One should use a scarf, a blindfold or a necktie to blindfold the other. Being unable to see what your partner is doing or is about to do dramatically increases psychological vulnerability which is very powerful an emotion. At the same time, you become more and more sensitive to your partner’s touch; nature’s way to compensate for your inability to see. Combining the two, you have an aphrodisiac manifest.

3. You Can’t Go Anywhere, You Can’t Do Anything

Fur HandcuffsAll time classic. You’ve seen it in films, you always imagined of doing it but probably never did. Tying up your partner in the bedposts shall be an easy, first sex game you can play. You can use any form of restrain such as a necktie or a pair of fur handcuffs to tie their wrists around the bedposts or behind their back. The lack of power to resist or reply to whatever it is they’re doing to you will be a thrilling experience.

You can also mix and match this game with blindfolding your partner. You can also change roles in order for both to experience being the “victim”.

4. The Mirror

A Mirror Can Be Used For Many Couples Sex GamesMost couples fantasize being able to watch themselves “on duty”. If there’s a mirror in your bedroom or anywhere inside the house that you can play in front of, make sure you give it a try sometime. If there’s not a comfortable spot that’s adjutant to a mirror at the same time, you can use a hand or portable mirror instead. During oral sex for example. That will give your partner a different angle to watch from.

If you are still think you are running out of things to try in the bedroom, I highly recommend you get a copy of Michael Webb’ s 100 Sex Games For Couples. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the originality and the fun this book has to offer, just as I was when I first read it. Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb (the author) describes the book as a set,  “full of ways to spice up your lovemaking, adding more passion and intimacy to your experience“. Michael is one of the world’s best known romance experts. He has written over a dozen books on relationships and has appeared on over 500 TV and radio shows. 100 Sex Games For Couples is instantly available as a download and comes with several other e-books as bonuses. Great deal in my opinion.

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